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Bio Medical and Life Science Equipments

Bio Medical and Life Science Equipments

  Liqid Chromatography

Liqid Chromatography

  • "Accuracy is the spirit of the analysis" based on a Well design & Process.
  • Excillent reliability and stability.
  • Analchrom software offers complete control, powerful data processing.
  • Art combined with practically.
  • The intelligent HPLC is a high performance yet cost effective solution.
Bio-Medical and Life Science Equipments
Category : Chromatography
  ION Chromatography

ION Chromatography

  • ION Chromatography is one of the most important methodes for determining of alkaline.
  • Dyanamic high-presure mixer.
  • Mixing volume variable from 0.2 upto 2 ml.
  • T-piece mixer with low dead-volume, suitable for peak recycling.
  • Programming through integrated controller S 2001 or data stream Gradient.
Bio-Medical and Life Science Equipments
Category : Chromatography
  Flash Chromatography

Flash Chromatography

  • High output
  • Rapid purification, Total purification in less than 30 min
  • High quality Flash column.
  • Online detection, Variable wavelength (200-360nm).
  • Automatic collection,Fraction modes: Peak, Volume, Windows.
  • User friendly Interface.
  • Precise and reliable solvent delivery pump, Binary pump gradient.
Bio-Medical and Life Science Equipments
Category : Chromatography
  Gas Chromatography Systems

Gas Chromatography Systems

  • Powerful Control Functions.
  • All Parameter can be controlled by GC PC.
  • Highly sensitive PC control System, reliable jamproof System.
  • Classical TFT large screen design, setting parameter is simpler intuitively.
  • Intellectualized self-diagnosis, breakdown retrival is no longer complex.
  • Remarkable injection System, Capillary injection system relizes EPC, AFC technology.
  • High Performance Injection System with High accuracy auto sampler.
Bio-Medical and Life Science Equipments
Category : Chromatography
  Nano High Presure Pump

Nano High Presure Pump

  • Stainless steel fluid path with Dual pump head.
  • Auto prime one button flow rate to maximum for rapid solvent change.
  • Presure monitoring with user selected Upper/Lower pressure limit.
  • Flow Accuracy maintained across the entire pressure range.
  • Front Keypad control LCD display with analytical.
  • Electronic pressure transducer, Outlet filter.
Bio-Medical and Life Science Equipments
Category : Chromatography
  Amonia Acid Analyser

Amonia Acid Analyser

  • Multi step seperation and Cooled Reagent Storage.
  • Integrated Auto Sampler and Integrated Vaccume Degasser.
  • Sepration Column Oven and High Tempreture Reactor.
  • Integrated Reagent Dosing pump and Complete Inert Design.
  • Safety Device for Control pump pressure,Temperatures & leakages.
Bio-Medical and Life Science Equipments
Category : Chromatography





Sand Baths


Biological Cabinets




Gas Burners





    Blood Counters  
    Cryogenic Containers  
    Elisa-Micro plates  
    Vacuum Pumps  
    Rotary Evaporators  
    Snowflake Ice Maker  
    Laminar Airflow Cabinets  
    Ultrasonic Processor  
    Peristaltic Pumps  
    Biological Microscope  
    System Microscope  
    Binocular Microscope  
    Basic Digital Biological Microscope  
    Zoom Ratio Stereoscope + Camera Preparation  
    Stereo Magnifier  
    Cameras for Microscopes  
    Digital Microscope  
    Gemological Microscopes  
    Head Microscopes  
    Inverted Microscopes  
    Light Sources  
    Measuring Microscopes  
    Portable Measuring Microscopes with Penlight  
    Microscope Stands  
    Stereo Microscope  
    Surgical Microscopes  
    Video Microscope  
    Wide Range, General Purpose AC/DC Magnetic Meter  
    Microwave Leakage Detector  
    Temperature/Humidity Recorder, 0-100% Humidity, -40 to 55DegC  
    Redox Meters  
    Refract Meters  
    Saltiness Meters  
    Sound Level Meters  

Thickness Meters

    Coating Thickness Meters  
    Temperature Indicators  
    Portable Temperature Meters  
    IR Temperature Meters  
    Torque Meters  
    Turbidity Meters  
    Vacuum Meters  
    Vibration Meters  
    Viscosity Meters  
    Water Potential Measuring Instrument  
    Air Velocity/Anemo Meters  
    Urine Analyzer, Compact Size  
    Portable Bio Suction System, 25 Liter/Minute  
    Mobile Suction Unit  
    Coagulometer with Touch Screen, 4 Channels  
    Dental Surgical Microscope  
    Vacuum Porcelain Furnace for Dental  
    12 Leads Simultaneous ECG  
    1/3/6/12 Channel Interpretive ECG Machine  
    Liquid Chromatography - Hplc, Nanolc  
    Ion Chromatography  
    Flash Chromatography  

Gel Permeation Chromatography

    Gas Chromatography  
    UV-VIS Spectrophotometers  
    Elisa-Micro plates  
    Food Analyzers  
    Spectro Meters-XRF  
    Spectrophoto Meters  
    General Purposes Incubators  
    Refrigerated Incubators (BOD)  
    Co2 Incubators  
    Humidity Incubators  
    Growth Incubators  
    Incubator Shakers  
    Egg Incubators  
    Hybridization Incubators  
    Special Incubators  
    Gravity Convection Ovens  
    Forced Air Ovens  
    Safety Ovens  
    High Temperature Ovens  
    Clean Room Ovens  
    Vacuum Drying Ovens  
    Large Capacity Ovens  
    Tube Furnaces  
    Chamber Furnaces  
    Environmental Chambers  
    Professional Microbalances, 5g/1mg+Internal Calibration  
    Analytical Balances, 310g, 0.01/0.1mg with Internal Calibration  

Calibration Balances

    Moisture Analyzer  
    Air Velocity/Anemo Meters  
    Baro Meters  
    Semi Portable Pressure Calibrators  
    Smart Pressure Pneumatic Calibrator  
    High Precision Hydraulic Dead Weight Testers  
    Thermocouple Calibration Furnace 400-1200DegC  
    Dry Wall Calibration Furnace  
    Sub-Zero Low Temp. Dry Block Calibrator  
    Temperature Economy Calibrator  
    Very High Temperature Ceramic Dry Block Calibrator  
    Fluidised Bath Switch Test Facility Temperature Calibrator  
    Calibrator, Current Oyster Series  
    Universal Calibration Meter  
    Cavitation Intensity Meter  
    Chlorine Meters  
    Colour Comparison Cabinet  
    Color Analyzer  
    Conductivity Meters  
    Ph/Mv/Temp / Cond /TDS/ Salt Meter  
    Density Meters  

Dissolved Oxygen Meters

    Laser System for Tattoo Removal  
    Ruby Laser System for Pigmented Lesions Treatment  
    Laser Distance Meter  
    Electromagnetic EMF/ELF  
    Food Analyzers  
    Laboratory Automat Milk Analyzer  
    CO2 Analyzer  
    Manual Rockwell Hardness Tester  
    Hardness Tester Shore A  
    Humidity Indicators  
    Humidity Temperature Meters  
    Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light Meter,  
    Thermometer, Sound Level Meter  
    Moisture Meters  
    PH Meters  
    Polari Meters  
    Automatic Polarimeter  
    Pressure Meters  
    Force Tension Meter 100kg  
    Metal Analyzers Like OES  
    Particle Size Analyzers  

Freeze Driers (Lyophilizes)

    Ultrasonic Cleaners  
    IR/FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) Raman  
    Atomic Absorption Spectrometers  
    Optical Emission  
    Mikro-Tip Multi-Segment P-V Catheters Dog/ Pig/Sheep  
    Mikro-Tip P-V Catheters-Mice/Rats  
    Mikro-Tip Pressure Catheters  
    Mikro-Tip Electrophysiology Catheters  
    Blood Pressure – Fluid Filled  
    Blood Pressure – Non – Invasive  

Cardiac Output

    Pulse and Plethysmography  
    Heart Sounds  
    Pulse Oximetry  
    Biopotential – ECG/EMG/EEG  
    Galvanic Skin Response  
    Transonic Blood/Fluid Flow  
    Isolated Organ Systems  
    Isolated Tissue Systems  
    Exercise Physiology System  
    Blood Pressure, Force, Displacement  
    Biopotentials – Animal Use Only  
    Stimulation – Safe for Human Use  
    Cardiac Output  
    Stimulation – Isolated Tissue  
    Respiratory Gas Analysis  
    Isolated Perfused Organs  
    Event Marker  

Organ Bath Stimulating Electrodes

    Data Sciences Interface Psychophysiology  
    Bio-Chemistry Analyzers  
    Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzers  
    Hematology Analyzers (Blood Cell Counters)  
    Urine Analyzers  
    Electrolyte Analyzers  
    Coagulation Analyzers  
    Kidney Stone Analyzers  
    Amino Acid Analyzers  
    Elisa/Micro Plate Readers/ Washers  
    Chemiluminescence’s Immune Assay Analyzers